Sunday, April 06, 2008

I think I've seen this one before...

Interesting...An Iranian outfit called "NGO - Islam and Christianity" plans to produce a film to answer Geert Wilders' Fitna. It seems those involved in this project want to document for the world the faults and crimes of Christianity. Some detail:
The Iranian organization called 'NGO Islam and Christianity' started production of the documentary after the Dutch lawmaker displayed his movie which urges Muslims to tear out "hate-filled" verses from the Qoran and starts and finishes with an insulting cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The NGO's documentary called 'Beyond Fitna' deals with incitement of violence in the Bible. Muslims believe that the book deemed holy by Christians today is a distorted version of the original Bible.

'Beyond Fitna' focuses on the orders given to worldwide Christians in the (distorted version of) Bible for stoking violence, committing genocide, attacking others, beheading and burning women and children who have been taken into captivity.

The documentary recycles film clips from crimes committed by extremist Christians under the inspirations of the said Bible teachings, and aims to provide a response to the allegations made by Pope Benedict XVI, who called Islam a religion of violence after misunderstanding certain Organic verses.
Powerful stuff. I imagine their first step in the project's research phase will be to open a Netflix account in order to use the roughly 1,784,672 anti-Christian films made in the West over the past four or five decades for artistic inspiration. (Although they should skip the DaVinci Code. BOOOORRRRING!!)

(via Jihad Watch)


Blogger Gildersleeve said...

The Da Vinci Code was lame-o. How they were able to make such a snoozer of a film with frickin Ian McKellen and Tom Hanks in it is quite an accomplishment.

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