Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Oh oh, I know...It starts with M. Right?

Time for the Multiculturalism Guess That Word game! Below is a news story from the Daily Mail of London, as posted on Read and study it carefully. Then see if you can guess the one missing word that would provide clarity and meaning to an otherwise mushy exercise in multicultural Newspeak.

Good luck!

U.K. Eyes Forced Marriages in Students' School Absences

More than 30 children have been absent for at least two months from school rosters in an English city and officials fear they may have been forced into arranged marriages, The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

The 33 students have been absent without explanation from schools in Bradford, located in northern England, which The Mail reports has a substantial Asian population.

"It is a serious concern when any child, any single child, becomes unaccounted for," said Children's Minister Kevin Brennan, who on Tuesday released the findings before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, which is probing forced marriages in at least 14 other areas of the country.

A spokesman for the department of children, schools and families said forced marriages have been reported in Bradford, but there is no evidence the children in question had been forced to wed, The Daily Mail reports.

A Bradford schools spokesman said it is possible the children’s families had moved away and their parents failed to register them at their new schools, the story reports.

Three years ago the government instituted the national Forced Marriage Unit to combat "an abuse of human rights and a form of domestic violence."

Laws are going into effect this summer to let victims obtain court injunctions against anyone attempting to force them to marry, The Daily Mail reported.

In responding to the Bradford figures, Committee Chairman Keith Vaz said in The Mail story: "The figures you have given us quite frankly have shocked members of this committee just in relation to Bradford. This is totally unsatisfactory."

Still stumped? This photo from the Daily Mail provides a subtle hint...

Bonus question...Why does a Western nation need to have a national "Forced Marriage Unit"? (Yes. The answer does indeed relate to our missing word.)


Blogger Gildersleeve said...

They also could have been abducted by aliens or Hari Krishnas, turned into bats or been put into matzaball soup for cannibalistic orthodox Jews.

Or they could be.....Muslims.


4:36 AM  
Blogger John Egel said...

Ha! You fell for my little trick. They are of course being prepared for matzaball soup (starts with M!). If you look closely you'll see they are lightly dusted with flour.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Gildersleeve said...

This thread is making me crave matzaball soup. Especially with Passover coming up...

11:19 AM  
Blogger Gildersleeve said...

I did go and buy some Egg Matzos. I am weak willed.

2:51 AM  

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