Monday, February 25, 2008

The Connection

By way of introduction, the name's John and I'll be posting here on topics covered by approximately 3.8 million other bloggers. I am nothing if not original.

So...Let's get started. The photo below will remain on this blog until even Barack Obama gets it. I call it The Connection. If you have any doubts as to why we are fighting in Iraq, study this image closely. No, I'm not claiming this proves Saddam Hussein was in on the planning meetings. Although rumors do exist of his weekly lunch dates with bin Laden at the Happy Jihadi Cafe and Tapas Bar (now a Hooters) in downtown Baghdad. However, Hussein certainly appears pleased with the results, and has the expression of someone with a sense a pride over what the painting depicts. (And before you even say it, no, the painting is not a Karl Rove original. He's always had trouble sketching the human form, limiting himself to still-lifes and landscapes.)


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