Friday, April 18, 2008

Flipped out

I suppose the proper reaction of a sober-minded and serious blogger to the latest Obamadrama should be a general tsk-tsking joined with a lamentation of the state of our political discourse. Rest assured that if I find such a blogger, I'll include the link.

My immediate purpose, on the other hand, is to post the story below and allow you to join me in a good, old-fashioned guffaw over the shambles which has become the Democratic presidential nominating process.

From FoxNews:

Just when you thought the Democratic race couldn’t get uglier, Barack Obama is being accused of giving Hillary Clinton the finger at a town hall meeting in North Carolina.

The gesture — which may have been an innocent scratch of the face or, according to some, something more mischievous — came as Obama was complaining Thursday about the debate in Philadelphia the night before.

Bloggers were quick to note that as the Illinois senator scolded his Democratic rival for her performance at the debate, he raised his right hand and scratched his cheek with one finger. That finger.

“This is one of those political moments that really needs few words,” wrote the Los Angeles Times in a blog. “He’ll no doubt deny it later, but that mischievous smile seems to confirm plenty. And the crowd sure sees something.”

And now, the photographic evidence:


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